Iyanuoluwa Emmanuel Odebode, is a machine learning and AI(Artificial Intelligence) expert. He completed is PhD in Information systems from UMBC. He is currently doing is Post-Doc with AFIT under ORISE working on the application of machine learning to simulation problems. He is also Tech Consultant with experience in developing tools to improve management, monitoring and reporting of applications. He has both development experience and experience managing teams to deliver high-quality IT products punctually.  He is experienced in multiple programming languages like (python,java,R,php etc).


What I Offer

Business Consulting

We will provide business consulting serves that will help you adapt to the current market changes and will make you remain competitive no matter threats. We will provide onsite and remote solutions that help reduce work interruption.

Technology Consulting

We will assist you in transforming and optimizing your digital landscape. We will take it from strategy building all the way to execution. We will help you build optimize, secure, innovative and intelligent solutions that will position your company for the future.

Software Development

We will help increase your return on investment by building software that planned, executed and managed efficiently and effectively. We can also assist aligning currently existing project as well to maximize your investment.

Machine Learning/AI

We will provide programs and help your business integrate machine learning/AI software into your current IT infrastructure.  The system allow pattern recognition tools and make automatic important critical processes.

Research Development

We will help your business take advantage of the next changes in the space of technology. We will turn your industry ideas to industry opportunities.

IT Training 

We provide online training services that will help you stay competitive and marketable in the current market. We do programming training,  networking, machine learning, AI, cybersecurity & so forth. Contact us today to learn more.