Financial Literacy

Elevating financial Literacy

My goal as a financial literacy expert is to empower individuals and families to make informed financial decisions. Whether you want to save for retirement, pay off debt, or simply understand how to budget and manage your money, I can help.

Course Description

The course described is not an introduction on portfolio management, it’s a comprehensive course on all financial education needs. With a focus on students who have no prior experience with investing, this course is perfect for those who have an interest in finally taking control of their finances through compounding and portfolio management. Go from a consumer to being an investor.

Week 1: Can your money work for you?

Yes, your money can work for you through a variety of methods. One way is through investing in assets such as stocks, bonds, or real estate.

Week 2: Where is your money going ?

If you are trying to track your spending and identify where your money is going, you might want to start by creating a budget.

Week 3: Improving your income statement ?

Improving your income statement can help your business increase profits and make better financial decisions.

Week 4: Change your perception of money?

it is possible to change this perception and view money in a more positive and empowering way.

Week 5: Are you protecting your money?

Are you protecting your money? It’s an important question to ask, as financial security is a vital part of overall well-being.

Week 6: Creating/Optimizing your budget ?

Creating and optimizing a budget is an important step in managing your finances and reaching your financial goals.

Week 7: Making money with stocks ?

One way to make money with stocks is through a strategy called buy and hold. This involves purchasing stocks that you believe will appreciate in value over the long term, and holding onto them for an extended period of time, even if there are short term fluctuations in the market.

Week 8: Make money through diversification

Diversification is a key strategy that can help you make money by reducing your risk of loss.


He is the founder and Data Scientist of Zeitios, building next-generation Web3.0 technologies and AI/ML Products. He loves to take the world’s complex problems and utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve them. Iyanu has built novel algorithms, in the health space, personalized medicine, finance/investments, cybersecurity, and the food space. He is an entrepreneur, innovator, and scientist.

Iyanuoluwa Odebode, Phd


What People Are Saying

What I found at the Trade like a Champion group was much more than I could ever ask for. Not only did I find mentorship and a wealth of resources, I also found a group of loving and eager to help individuals that had one goal in mind. The success of each other.

Antonio Compbell

Mike Abanyie, CEO AbanyieFilms

Each and everyone of us are valued, appreciated and most importantly are learning together. Some people are more advanced in their own right and other are barely getting started but that doesn’t matter. What matter is we all participate in this community from our own perceptive and take this journey together. This is just the beginning and I am sure there is plenty more to come.

Enock Kwajo

Program Manager

Dr Iyanu has a mind set of “no trader left behind” He wants everyone to understand the lessons so no one feel lost. I have met so many fellow traders in this community that I can call brothers and sisters. We are all building a community with the set goal to empower each other. Trade like a Champion is truly a space where Champions are in the marking. I feel blessed to be a part of this life long trading and investing journey.



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